Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Missing some MODness

Rats! In the last paperpack (posted today) I put in 2 greens and not the yellow. Many thanks to Lizzerd for alerting me to this problem and you can get the yellow version for paperpack 6 here.

Sorry 'bout that folks but it just shows you it pays to open what you download as soon as you can. I lost a few nice freebies in the past 'cause I didn't check the contents soon enough and actually had corrupt zip files...damn my bad luck! Of course the gorgeous freebies were long gone and couldn't be replaced. Imagine if that happens when you've bought a kit...yikes!

I'm off to get some of my favorite ice cream...Blue Bunny 'Bunny Tracks'...and settle down to watch Criminal Minds. Man, that show ROCKS!
Have a good nite/day all.
Big hugs to ya' and see ya' in the a.m.


Ruby said...

I thought there was less yellow than the other colors, but I didn't really worry about it. Good thing I stopped by tonight. I'm working on a page using the kit and just checking to see if anything new had been posted.

Thank you Miss Mollie

Melusine said...

Thanks for sharing your modness collection :)

BelindasScrapz said...

Thanks so much for sharing this kit it is just awesome