Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm still around:)

Seems like forever since I posted but it really hasn't been now that I check. I'm still working on my AshleyB kit...lots of it you can see in my new header. I'm so happy I finally got my blog It was nice to take a break from scrappin' and get that done!
The weather has been so nice here and the days becoming longer that I've been hit by a cleaning bug and it's all I can do to NOT open some windows! It's been in the mid-to-high 30's, reaching into the mid 40's and 50's in the sun during the day and it's such a treat to feel that sun:) It's nice to be able to go outside without 15 minutes of bundling up like a snowman
Well, I'm having another menopausal 2nd of the I'd best be running out the door. Thank goodness there's a little snow left...I can always roll in that...roflol
Hope you're all having a great week:)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

QuickPage and Preview

My best cyberpal okiedee created a QP from my Neopolitan Kit and I am just thrilled with it. With her permission I am sharing it with you:) It is available in 12x12 size or 8x8 size...pick your poison! Both are in .png format so remember to let the page load. Don't you just love the scalloped picture frame!!!!
Thanks bundles okiedee...I love it!
Here's the preview:

I've been an ice-fishing widow almost all week:( And now this weekend too! But I don't really mind 'cause it gives me more time to play and create. I wouldn't mind all the fishing if we could have at least 1 meal every week or so but according to our grandson Mitch, "Papa is the 'kiss of death' to fishing". And I can't help laughing, either! Two of our grandsons Rick (16) and Mitch (15) have had their shacks on the ice in the harbor for about a month and they are fish catching fools. Those boys have been having a blast and catching a lot of fish too. The only bad thing is when 'Papa' goes there to fish with them and everything comes to a screeching halt. Mitch says he hates it when the door opens and Papa is there 'cause he knows they're done for the
He must have bad 'fish-karma'.

But that sure doesn't stop him from trying. Earlier in the week he had me search the internet for a purple lure but it had to be the right shade of purple which he couldn't explain. Some friend of a friend of a guys bil's ex-wife was catching huge freakin' fish...and lots of them...on a purple lure...sigh
Now today before he left he talked to his brother and chartreuse was mentioned. They were goin' fishin' together. Lordy! He asked me about chartreuse and all I could recall was it being ugly and a pukey yellow-green color. DH thought it was lime green. Internet to the rescue!
Did you know that to baby boomers the color chartreuse used to be yellow-green. It still's now called yellow chartreuse. The newer, improved, power-packed regular chartreuse is now more like a lime green...only darker and it's simply called chartreuse. So now the hunt for the perfect chartreuse lure is on! I know you all find this as fascinating as I did...sheesh!

I just want to know when can I eat some fish for pete's sake! And the man has every piece of fishing equipment known to man...electronic or not! He has this thing that tracks his lure in the beeps and flashes and changes colors when a fish is getting near. He gets so excited when it starts comes a fish...oh man, it's getting closer...and closer...c'mon baby, come to papa...and the lights are flashing faster and faster and changing colors and it's beeping like a nuclear warning device and yes...he's gonna strike...his pulse is racing and he's practically salivating...and the fish eats his minnow and moves on! Man, dh has some great fish stories...roflmaopimp. But I'm still hungry for fish! Living on Lake Michigan, I refuse to buy it!

My extra free time hasn't been idle...I'm working on a new kit and even have a name for it. It's called AshleyB after my beautiful granddaughter:) She is a twin to Mitch and full of spit and sass! I do have a preview for you and am hoping you'll fall in love with it and wait with bated breath til' I'm finished.
This is my best stuff yet as I feel I get a bit better with each new item I do. I'm really taking my time with this one and have been doing a lot of exploring and playing and experimenting in PSP. This kit I have made very richly textured papers and they are finished. A few elements and 1 alpha are also done. But I have many more elements planned for this one:) I hope you like what you see.
Here's the preview:

Thanks for visiting me and I love reading your kind and encouraging comments...I do appreciate each one of them! I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend everyone and I'm taking tomorrow off in order to prepare for and watch the Daytona 500 and see that oh so cutie pie Dale Jr. WIN the race:)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Neopolitan it is!

Many thanks to Lizzerd for her great suggestion on naming this kit:) You gotta' go over to her blog and see her new'll freak! I've never seen anything like that before.

I've tried a few new things in the making of this kit...I did some tags, paperclips, photoprongs and a piece of jewelry which are all new to me. I just want you to remember that I'm a newbie at this and that's also why you may find some elements missing. Some stuff I haven't figured out yet but I'll get there eventually. And learning is so danged much fun...keeps the mind young!
So here's the preview of all the papers in the Neopolitan kit:

Part 1 of the papers is here and part 2 is here. I hope you enjoy using them:)

The Neopolitan Elements preview:Part 1 of the Elements is here and part 2 is here. I know some of you may find it annoying that there are so many zips to download but please remember I'm on dialup...(I think that's a dirty word and it takes forever and a day to upload. I'm sure someone must have heard me screaming yesterday!

If you enjoy my new goodies, please leave some love and only takes 30 seconds:)
And thanks to everyone for visiting me again!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Feel the LOVE

Today I created this small Valentines kit to share with you. It has 4 papers, 3 heart tags, a glassy heart frame, a pretty silver filigree heart charm and 1 ribbon.
The elements shown in the preview are at 40% and the papers are 2400 x 2400 as my poor Beast can't handle anything larger:( I dream of mobos and fast

Snag it now 'cause this will be gone on Friday.

Download part 1 here and part 2 here. Link has expired.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend and now, back to the Daytona 500:)

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Thank you!

Oh my gosh...what wonderful comments you left and I can't express enough how heartwarming and encouraging they were. My sincerest thanks to everyone that commented. And I'm so excited to have had over 150 downloads on each item...and to be mentioned on AmyW's poor dh thought I had won us the million dollar lottery...roflol There was some screeching with delight at this house I can tell you:)
It's back to work for this gal...working on some photo prongs for the new kit and they truly sucked! My best cyberpal Dee requested some tabs so I think I'll have a go at that for a while...might have better success:)

Heading into the weekend and loving it!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Work in progress

Just giving you a sneak peek at my new project. The papers are completed but I only have 1 element so far. I think I'll try my hand at making some journaling pieces and some tags. I'd sure welcome any suggestions as to what you'd like to see in this kit.

And a name...naming these things is just terrible for me...I love the exotic sounding names of some of the kits out there but for now, it's simply called 'unknown'...isn't that so I was thinking of naming this one after one of my cats but that is just too pathetic. Our girl feline is named Lucky and our male is called 'Bonehead'! don't want to get me started talking about our cats...I hate cats and I always have...they've always frightened me and seemed to stalk me:( me the creeps just thinking about some cat encounters I've had during my But our cats are special...really special and extraordinary. I love them as much as I love all the grandkids! Someday I'll tell you the story of how our cats found us and how I came to love cats:)

For now tho, I'll just shut up and give you the preview!

Favorite Green Elements

As promised, here's the link for the elements in the preview below.
Go here for the ribbons, brads and such and I've split the alpha into 2 zips. Alpha part 1 is here and Alpha part 2 is here.

I hope you enjoy these and can put them to good use:)
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Holy Crap!

Oh my gosh...I had no idea it would take this long to do this! I still can't figure out how to make my blog page prettier but I had to put that aside to finish my first freebie.

Trying to figure out all this stuff has been making me feel dumber than a box of rocks Being on dialup is no picnic when you're trying to upload files. It's taken me 4 days of steady trying to get 4 zip files uploaded to 4shared...sheesh! I don't have a whole hell of a lot of hair left...roflol I'm trying very hard to be kind to all the dialup users in this world as I've had to pass on many a beautiful freebie kit because of the size of it. 89 megs?????...I'd be unable to sleep for days...and that's assuming I could keep my connection So don't expect really large files from me...just a lot of them:)

I don't have a TOU file in the zips yet but it's a work in progress. Just don't claim them as your own. You can resize and recolor and all that fun stuff but I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't rename them:) And giving credit is always a wonderful thing.

The only drop shadows you'll find are in my previews and all files were created at 300 dpi. If I've made things like photo corners, you'll find 4 of them included with the effects (if any) applied separately.

I relish comments and constructive's a great learning tool...but be kind and remember this is my first attempt. Are my sizes of items OK or do they need to be smaller/larger...are there items that you've come to expect in a kit and I don't have them...stuff like that will help me learn:)

So OK...I'm putting myself out there and here's the previews of my first freebie. It's called Favorite Green (I know...soooo clever) and I'm so hoping someone likes it!

Download here

Here's a preview of the elements that go with this kit which I will share tomorrow...I love how the alpha and ribbons turned out and hope you do to. See you in the a.m.:)