Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fun Flowers Elements

First I want to say thanks for all the wonderful comments about this kit...I was so touched by your kindnesses! Aren't scrappers just the best sort of people:)

Now here's the link for the elements. And the alpha is simply A to Z but wait til you start colorizing it...wowza! I think you'll have a blast!

Now I forgot something vital yesterday and have been kicking myself all over the place for the omission. I forgot to credit Terry Maruca's Photoshop Photo Corner Actions @ SBB for the 2 curled papers but it is included in the TOU with the papers. And with the elements for today I must acknowledge Atomic Cupcake for the use of her actions for the alpha and embroidered flowers. There...I think I did that right:)
I've never used someone else's stuff to create with before but if you read the TOU included with the papers, you'll see I've credited both of them and provided links.

Have fun with the elements and I may be back with a QP if I can fit in the time. Oh...and all my stuff from now on will be for 12x12 scrapping. I've found that since my reformat I can actually create a paper in that size so I'm jazzed about that.

Have a fantastic day everyone...I really love you guys:)

Monday, June 25, 2007

New Freebie & good news

Waving a big 'HELLO' to Ellie and Scrapcat! Love you gals:)

"Where in the hell have I been?", you ask. Busy with life and the goodness of summer! With a lot of pain management thrown in...lol
Got 1/2 of a large flower bed under control and planted a new lilac bush. We have this huge rose bush out front...I don't remember the name of it but it's like a wild one that keeps spreading every year and this was the year to get inside it and do some serious weeding and pruning. I would have been just horrified if anyone had seen me...what a comedy it was! I started out doing it myself but damn, it hurt. So asked hubby for some welding gloves and he did one better...gave me a welding jacket and leather gloves. I did the outer perimeter and then had to reach far in to get at the middle but needed someone to hold some of the branches up. Hubby to the rescue again! At one point I was so far in all he could see was my fat ass...roflmao. I needed to get out of there and get some face protection on...I left some serious chunks of hair behind too:) Where's my goggles...haven't used them in years and don't have a clue. I grab one of the grandkids helmets and headed back for more torture. Thank goodness it had a face shield on but OMG was I hot...and not in a good sexy way! I crawl back in and get the dirty deed done and promised myself that the next time this needs doing, I'll be paying any amount to anyone brave enough to do it...lol
But she's the most beautiful rose bush...luscious, delicate, light pink blossoms that open flat and facing up with a scent from heaven and blooms continuously from June thru September. Hard work has it's rewards and I think she's very happy with her new 'do'!

And then the pain sets in! I've been having a problem with my neck and shoulders since March but didn't go to the doc 'cause I just figured that's where the damned fibro had settled for a while. It would move elsewhere eventually. Well, it didn't so I end up going to the doc and my shoulders are so tight she said it's no wonder I couldn't turn my head much. And when I did, I could hear all this snapping and cracking...yuck! And sleeping at night was all weird...did you ever have a night where you thought you were asleep but you were aware of everything around you and you wake up exhausted? Yeah...that was me for a couple of weeks:( So she puts me on a valium regimen where I take one mid-day and one at bedtime so my muscles can relax. Holy Naptime Batman! The house could have exploded around me and not only would I have not awoken, I wouldn't have cared...rofl. That stuff is wonderful...I'm sleeping like a dead woman and I can now turn my head anywhere I want with no noise...what a treat. The only downside is the time I've lost (4/5 hours midday)...I'm so behind I'm not 56 anymore, I'm 54 1/2...lol!

As an example, on Fathers Day I was tagged by Fishinmom and must apologize to Kimberly for this delay but I did so enjoy reading her tagged section...it's nice to know more about her. And seeing as this is a monster post already, here I go: 7 things about me that nobody gives a rat's ass about!
1. I've been married 3 times and the 3rd one was the charm. We've been together for 27 years.
2. I have 1 child, a daughter that is just beautiful, charming, and one smart cookie!
3. I danced topless on a bartop in a contest once...back when my boobs were lookin' right at ya'!
4. I have a very, very low tolerance for racial and religious bullshit. We are all of the human race and our beliefs are what they are.
5. I adore my siblings beyond measure...they are truly wonderful, caring people.
6. I am a freak for M&M memorabilia. I even have a box of plain and peanut from the White House during the Clinton Administration:)
7. I hate having my picture taken...hate it, hate it, hate it!
I'm supposed to tag 4 more blogs but that will have to wait for now.

Good news is I'm now on the Element Team at the most wonderful place...Digital Candy. A bunch of supernice gals I get to play with and the Element Team designs kits for the many fun challenges they offer. Owner Heidi is the sweetest gal, very easy going and I've been having a blast. They have great challenges too...a Celebrity Challenge, a Numbers challenge that is so different and cool, you gotta' check it out, a Sketch/Template challenge, just to name a few. You'll feel so at home there and have a bunch of fun! And don't forget to check out the store...what a list of designers they have and some gorgeous stuff!

More good news...molliemojo found her way home! I was so glad to see her but she's a bit shaky...in a hangover kind of way...roflol. And to celebrate her homecoming I can finally release a new kit called Fun Flowers. Yeah, I had to name it before she came home:(
Here's the previews:

Grab the papers/borders...I had to divide them into 2 zips so make sure you get them both here: Papers 1 and Papers 2. You'll have to wait for the elements until tomorrow.

Gosh, it was great blogging again...didn't realize how much I missed it. Hope you've all been well and having a fantastic summer so far:) See ya' tomorrow!

Oops...almost forgot to tell ya'...I have disabled comments at 4 shared for all downloads except the first one. For example, this post has 2 downloads of the same thing...papers. Comments are only allowed for the first set of papers. IMHO, it's annoying and ridiculous to have to say thanks for each separate download of the same set of items. This will make the shitbums that never say thanks very happy. I have a thought of password protecting all my downloads with the password being the same for everything...Thank You...roflmaopimp. Wouldn't that just piss them off! I know...I have an evil streak, don't I...lol.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Have you seen her?

My mojo, that is! I think she got sucked up into the vacuum on my cleaning spree and man, I miss her so. If you see MollieMojo in your travels, send her home asap...lol. Got a major dry spell going here and just can't get into the groove. And it's been raining for 2 freaking days so that doesn't help with the creativity at all:( I've read many blogs lately where the designers have been in a funk so maybe it's catching!

I found a new scrap freebie blog and thought I'd pass it on to you although many of you may already know about it. It's definitely worth a visit 'cause she does previews...which rocks in my world:) Tell Silvia Mollie sent you...go here: http://phillsboo.blogspot.com/ and please thank her for all the work she does. I don't think I'd be doing that job unless it paid BIG money...rofl

Have a great week my precious blog readers. Hope to have something for you soon!