Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Loves Final

Finally, the last links to this kit can be found here: Link 17, Link 18, Link 19 and Link 20.

Thanks so much for sharing this week with me. All your kind comments and helpful tips about Vegas were a delight to read and I had a great time following all your links:)

Yesterday sped by quickly as I took the twins to see a movie (Vantage Point...don't miss it!) in the afternoon and then we went to dinner and had chinese...yum!

It was the best feeling being able to print my boarding passes this a.m. and that's the first thing I Then dh and I made sure all the bills were paid and I explained to him for the hundredth time that some of them were set up to be paid online automatically on their due date. He's not big on technology poor guy...doesn't trust it yet. I'll give him a couple more years to get used to it...roflol:) Now I'm going to make him a big batch of white rice and his favorite jello dish...that will keep him alive for a few days. I'm gonna' worry about him eating and taking his pills while I'm gone but I'll just keep telling myself that he's a big boy now!

I promised a sneak peek at what's in the works for my next kit and I did get a whole bunch of papers finished this week and here's a preview of some of them. I'm calling it Spring Reunion as it's such a welcome relief to see the colors of spring right around the corner...and I know it's there under our 6 feet of snow:)

You can click on the pic for a look at a larger view. Although you can't see it in the preview, these papers have the yummiest textures and you'll be feeling up your screens to try and touch them:)

Wish I could bring PSP and PS with me to work on this kit while I'm gone but it's not to be.
I'll see you all when I get back during the 3rd week of March.
Until safe, be happy, and keep scrappin'!
Big hugs...Mollie

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Loves 6

Only 2 days left...and they aren't going fast
Thanks for all your kind comments on this guys are so sweet and I'm glad everyone is liking it so much:) I have a new spring colored kit in the works and if I find time, I'll do up a quick sneak peek before I leave...something to tease you with:)

Here's the links for today: Link 13, Link 14, Link 15, and Link 16. I hope MediaFire is finished with their maintenance and you don't have any trouble with these links.

Now I must go and update hubbys website for the upcoming bear hunting season and unfortunately raise the prices. If you know of anyone that's into bear or deer hunting and is interested in coming to the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan send them here: He guides them on wonderful hunts:)

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll see you tomorrow with the last of the links for this kit.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Loves, Part 5

Did you know that 20 divided by 2 equals 10???? Apparently I don't and have had a major brain fart...roflmao! There aren't enough days left before I go to continue to give you 2 zips a day (DUH!) so we'll ramp it up today. I must have had an extra bowl of stupid on Monday when I started

I can start my 72 hour countdown right to the minute....yippee. I sent my bags ahead so I'll only be carying my purse and my luggage to wrestle with is a good thing:) I can hardly wait to be away from these mountains of snow here...worst winter I've seen in these parts in 12 years. Any more of this and dh will need a front-end loader instead of a plow.

So here's your links for today: Link 9, Link 10, Link 11, Link 12 Enjoy...we're almost done.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Kit Link Updates

The AshleyB kit, MOD kit, and the Springtime 07 kit now have new homes on MediaFire and the links have been updated.
Just look in the left hand column under Freebies and enjoy.

My Loves 4

Hey Patty...thanks for the awesome links...I'll be exploring them today:)

I've had a few requests to fix the links for the MOD kit, AshleyB kit and the Springtime kit so I'll be doing that shortly after this post. I'll email the interested parties when I'm finished.

I know there are some that don't like the MediaFire experience but they are so much better and faster than's much more convenient for me and a happy me means more freebies for you:)

The links for today are: Link 7 and Link 8
Enjoy and happy scrapping:)
Big hugs...Mollie

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Loves 3

WOW...I'm getting some fantastic tips from you guys about Vegas! Thanks so much and keep 'em coming. Patty, I went to the link you provided and that sounds like a blast, what beautiful views:) Carole N...I saw a travel channel special on Binions once...thanks for reminding me of them...we'll have to fit that in too. I think there won't be enough hours in each This may be turning into an annual event!

Here are the links for today: Link 5 and Link 6

This week couldn't possibly go any freaking slower:( I'll see you tomorrow with more goodies.
Big hugs to all...Mollie

P.S. thanks for the heads up on the links...all is well now.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Loves 2

Dang...hubby read the blog and now he's gonna' lie to me when I call to see if our March storm is over...roflmao. Said he's not going to shovel it all
Thanks so very much for your kind comments yesterday...they are appreciated and I enjoy reading them. And Fremont street has moved to the top of the list as it sounds just fantastic:)

Here's the links for today: Link 3 and Link 4
See ya' tomorrow!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Love Freebie

Have I really been gone all that long? Goodness, where does the time go!

Well, I'm back for 5 days only and this will be the official "countdown to Vegas" baby:)
We're having a siblings only family reunion in Vegas starting on Monday the 25th and plan on having a total blast. My youngest sister Kim (who just turned 50 Saturday) and I are Vegas virgins so we plan on having more fun than the rest of them as we see the sights for the first time. We have our tickets to see the Cirque show KA, and plan on riding the coaster at New York and touring the Wax Museum. We'll be there for 4 days and I doubt we'll have any trouble filling our days with excitement:) But if there's a "must see" from your Vegas trip, please let me know about it and I'll add it to my list...I'd love to hear what you folks found fascinating on your trip.

We're staying at the Monte Carlo and I personally am looking forward to taking advantage of some of their spa services. Mmmmmm...massages and saunas...doesn't that sound heavenly?

I'll be leaving Vegas on Friday and going to Bullhead City, AZ with my older sis and her husband who winter over there each year. The next 2 weeks will be relaxing in the sun mostly although we do have 2 trips planned. A train ride to the Grand Canyon with a bus tour of the rim and a trip to the Santa Anita raceway for the day, then on to San Diego to visit a friend and onwards to Mexico. OMG, can you say "Tourist"

I'll be arriving back home to the frozen tundra on March least that is what my plane ticket says. I'll be calling home first to see if our annual horrid mid-March storm and the 15 inches of snow it gives us is done and over with. If not, it'll be a few more days of sun and warmth for this gal...roflol

So on to the business you came here for...the freebie. Yes, I had Valentines Day in mind but you can really use this kit for any occasion, for any loved one so I named it "My Loves".
I've made the zip files dial-up friendly with each file at 10 MB or under and there are 20 zip files which I'll be giving out...2 per day for the rest of the week. (In no particular order)

I'm giving you all of the previews in this post so you can see what's coming, then each day, I'll just add the links. You can click on each preview to see a much larger version of it.

Hope you enjoy using the kit and if you want to share it please send them here to download it from the original source. Thanks and this is for personal use only.

Here are the first 2 downloads: Link 1 and Link 2

And now I must go to bed...I had to shovel 4 times during the day and my body feels like I've moved 1/2 ton of snow. See ya' Tuesday:)