Monday, June 30, 2008

What happened

to June?????
It started out beautifully and now it's gone already...sheesh. Time just got away from me this month I'm afraid. I tried my best to get a new kit out but I'm just not happy with the way it's been coming together and I'll continue to work on it.

I'm trying to get ready for a garage sale but my computer just won't let me...rofl! She keeps calling and calling me, interrupting everything I'm working on:( But this garage sale is a must! I'm so tired of my 'stuff' I want to scream. I'm tired of dealing with it...dusting and polishing stuff...picking it up for the millionth time so I can dust under and around it...tired of it, I tell you!
Dont' get me wrong...I love my 'stuff'. It's beautiful and cool and worth thousands of dollars and I've become quite attached to my 'stuff'. But it must go.

The struggle to rid myself of 'stuff' has been ongoing for quite awhile and I think I'm finally winning the battle. Part of the catalyst for this has been the struggle my sister and bil have been going thru with the recent illness of his mother. She now resides in a nursing home and sis and bil have been charged with the task of readying her house for sale and trying to resolve the issue of her 'stuff'. I would be mortified if my family had the task of dealing with my 'stuff' after my passing or being incapacitated. Poor dh would be beside himself and really not up to the task.

So out it goes! But I gotta' tell ya', I've re-discovered some gorgeous 'stuff' Opening boxes to see items I didn't remember I owned and falling in love with them all over again...just freaking pitiful. But if I love it so much, what the hell is it doing in a box waiting for the next appropriate season to roll around??? Screw it...out, out, out! I keep telling myself "Mollie, you're trying to simplify your life!" and that's been doing the trick! Until I open the next box...roflol:) But I am anticipating the freedom I'll feel when the bulk of my 'stuff' is outta' here! Won't have to worry about storing it or finding it or cleaning it...yippee! OUT, damn 'stuff'!

OK...enough about my 'stuff'...I'd better get back to work. Make sure you come back tomorrow July 1st for a really great surprise you don't want to miss.
Until safe.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Holy Scrap!

This is so amazing, I just had to blog about it and give it a plug:) I buy a lot of commercial use items to help me in my scrapping freebies and I just bought one last night that knocked my socks off!
It's the greatest set of CU items all in one package that I've bought all year and it's available at DigiScrapWarehouse. For the month of June, many of the DSW designers have collaborated to put together a fabulous commercial use mega kit! It's jam packed with goodies from your favorite DSW designers. Twenty-four designers to be exact. I have previously purchased cu items from 18 of the contributing designers so I knew the quality would be excellent and I wasn't disappointed!

And right now it's 25% off (only $15.00) so go here and read all about what's included and snag it before it goes to it's regular price of $20.00. I'm so hoping they will do this on a monthly basis.

I was fortunate to get a $5.00 off coupon in a previous newsletter from them so at the least you should sign up for their newsletter. I'd love to share the coupon code with you but I don't think I should as it was for newsletter subscribers sorry.
Big hugs and hope you all have a wonderful week:)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I've been tagged:) that sweetheart Candee at Mermaids Haven:)

Here's what I gotta' do:

1. Link my tagger and list these rules.

2. Share 7 facts about myself...some wierd, some random.

3. I must tag 7 people at the end of this post with links to their blogs.

4. Leave a comment on their blog telling them I tagged them.

Here's my 7 facts:

1. I'm obsessed with my computer and all the cool things I can do with it.

2. I'm a compulsive listmaker. I must have a list of

3. I started my schooling in a 1 room schoolhouse in Appleton, WI.

4. I've never been abroad but my first pick would be China.

5. My favorite song artists are BB King, Holland K. Smith, and Susan Tedeschi.

6. The older I get, the more I hate winter and snow:)

7. I'm a chocolate junkie and must have a 'fix' every day.

Here are the blogs I'm tagging. Everyone else in the bloging world has been tagged...please give them a visit:


Hope your weekend is going great!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Begging forgiveness

For being such a dolt! I just realized while trying to get to sleep last night that I never posted the last of the goodies for Kit 508. Sheesh...guess I need to stop having that extra bowl of stupid in the

So here we go with the last of the embellishments and the last sorry again!

Sorry...links have expired.
Blogger is being a bugger this a.m. so I'll just tell you about the last's orange...with metal...and is bracket'll love it. And don't you love the boxes in this kit...I think they look like they're fabric covered...I love 'em:)

And I must say thanks to those of you that leave comments...they are so appreciated and do brighten my thanks for your thoughtfulness:)

I'd better post before Blogger melts down again.
Have a wonderful week...Mollie