Saturday, March 31, 2007

Day 6 Springtime

Aaaaaahhhh Saturday...don't ya' just love it:) I didn't get to bed until 3:30 this a.m. and just awoke about 1/2 hour ago! I feel like I've committed a crime! lol Now I'll be making up for lost time all darned day....or maybe not:)

You get the last of the papers and a matching alpha today...minus the drop shadow of course. I had a dickens of a time with the shadow I applied for the preview but it's workable. What I don't like about transparent items is when you add a shadow and it turns the transparency all murky and ugly. I was trying to make the shadow of the actual letters appear as well as the outline of the entire tag. I gave up in frustration so if anyone would care to send me a clue, I'd be in heaven:) The font I used is Shalimar Swash by Rob Leuschke and you can purchase it here. His work is truly outstanding.

The alpha is waiting here. The last of the papers are here.
Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow for the finale:)

Friday, March 30, 2007

Holy Crap (2)

I shoulda' checked my mail before I posted todays share! That Kristine...she just cracks me up. I so enjoy reading her blog and I laugh til I pee If you aren't familiar with her scrapping blog, get over there now! I've been snagging all her stuff and she's got a great one going on right now called Crimson Lights which is just fab! And some drink recipes that make me drool!
She made a comment on my Day 4 share and used the "S" word! Yes...S N O W! You don't say it outloud around these parts of the USA at this time of year and she lives in Canada for pete's sake. She should know better:) If we get s n o w in April, I'm blaming her, and her alone...roflmao!
So, get on over there folks and start snagging her great stuff. Her link is on the left. Please leave her some love and tell her Mollie sent ya'.

I also received a sweet email from Josie that stated she always tried to leave some love whenever she snagged a freebie. She couldn't leave a comment on my blog because she had neither a Google nor Blogger account. I have it set that only registered users could comment. The reason for that was that I heard that you can get some really freaky and creepy comments and lots of spam if you let anyone comment. That worried me but today I changed my settings so that anyone can comment on this blog and we'll see how it goes. I'm going to keep a close watch on it for the next week or so to see if any undesirables start showing up. If I start to get 'the ickies', I'll have to revert back to only registered users being able to comment.
Thank you Josie for having me rethink this issue and for the appreciation you showed by taking the time to contact me personally.
Now I need another tub of coffee and it's gotten considerable darker outside since I've been writing this so I guess I'll have to start checking the skies for freakin' snow clouds...damn my bad luck:)
Big hugs to all!

Day 5 Springtime

TGIF! Can't you just feel the sigh of relief that the weekend is near? I love it!
Although I haven't worked outside the home for a few years, I still find myself in that semi-excited frame of mind about the weekends. I don't cook a main meal on Sundays anymore and I think it took dh about 8 months to realize it...roflol. Geez, I need 1 day out of 7 to not even think about food and meal preparation and somehow, no one has wasted away:)

The freebie for today is chock full of stuff...all these pretty doodads, multi-colored staples, and journals. I hope you enjoy using them.

Day 5 Springtime is ready for you here.
Have a wonderful sunshine filled weekend and I'll see you tomorrow for day 6!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Day 4 of Springtime

It's Thursday already...only 3 more days and you'll have the complete kit.
I just adore reading all your comments and am terribly happy that someone besides myself likes my offerings. You folks are just the best!
It's journaling tags for today and I hope they're useable for you.

Day 4 download is here. And then go here for the next set of papers:)
Have a great one and we'll visit again tomorrow:)

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Day 3 of Springtime

Hey guys and gals...another day closer to April and another day closer to my peonies peeking out of the ground. I can hear the melody of lots of birds singing and chirping which is my favorite thing in the morning. As the weather warms I'll go stand on the deck out back to have my first mug of coffee, lean on the railing and just listen and watch. It truly refreshes my spirit:)

Here's what I have for you today:

The Springtime07 downloads for today are here and here.
Have a great 'hump day' everyone and I'll see you tomorrow with some more goodies.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Day 2 of Springtime

Day 2 has found me sleeping in and what a treat it was! I'm feeling very refreshed.

So on to the freebie for today and it's going to be ribbons. The only thing I'm not really sure about is if I should be putting effects on them or not. Do you scrappers want to put your own effects on a plain ribbon or would you prefer that they come wrinkled and/or creased already??? Please let me know for future creations, would you?

Here's the ribbons preview:

Ribbons can be found here.
Have a great Tuesday everyone and thank you so much for the wonderful comments you left on yesterdays share...they are appreciated:)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring has arrived!

Long time, no see everyone. Man, the Tuesday before last was the beginning of March...where did it go???
It's so nice to look outside and finally see some beautiful green and the sun shining! We had the thunderstorm from hell last night that started about 1:30 a.m. with a power outage shortly thereafter. I was uploading pics for todays' share and zip! darkness. We had lightning that danced like a disco ball and thunder that shook the house and echoed off into the distance for 15 seconds. I loved every minute of it, especially the sound of the rain pelting the roof and windows...what a great way to fall asleep:).

With temps not falling below the high 30's, I'm feeling and smelling spring in the air! The grandtwins spent Friday nite and part of Saturday here and they got all of the 4 wheelers and the scooter thingy out of the big garage, tuned them all up and got everything running smoothly (with Papa's help). One stall of my garage is stem to stern with all things gasoline powered and it really made me smile to see it. So many wonderful times the grands have had on those machines over the years. I really need to learn how to scrap those pics!

So on to my current freebie called Springtime '07. I love this kit...I feel I'm making great progress in creating my papers and I especially adore these. This kit will be shared daily and will bring us up to April 1st. But I won't be pulling any April Fools stunts with you, although it's mighty tempting...rofl. The previews and links are in no particular may see a preview of filetabs but the download may be papers. I'm simply going to mix it up but the previews give great detail of the kit contents.

And I will start with a preview of the cool papers:

Paper 1 can be found here.
Special Announcement
Anyone that sends me a link to something they made with my Springtime07 Kit
will receive my next kit absolutely FREE! Yes, you read that
favorite 4-letter word! So get crack-a-lackin' and show me your stuff people!
See ya' tomorrow:)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not much new

BUT...I did get a hi-speed cable connection on Monday! I literally counted the hours from when I placed the order on Friday until they came Monday a.m. I'm still so excited I could pee...roflol I've been busy downloading all those cool scrapkits I couldn't get before 'cause they were too huge for my dialup connection!
I hope hubby quits bitchin' now about my cellphone bill:) People can actually dial my house phone for the first time in 2 years...! Yes Debbie...that means you...your turn to call so get out that credit card girl:) Debbie is my older sister and she and her hubby winter over in Arizona...this year she's in some plush, upper-crust suburb of Phoenix...can't remember the name of it but you gotta' have an amex triple+platinum, gold encrusted card just to drive the I'm not too jealous:)

My brother Dean (the baby of the family) sent his sibs an email the other day venting about the Democrats in WI. None of us can figure out what went so terribly wrong in his childhood to turn him into a stinking Republican....roflmaopimp. I haven't written back yet as I'm waiting for something totally witty, hilarious and anti-republican to hit my brain waves. That boy sure likes to stir up trouble with his sisters, all of whom are Democrats:) We do have a ball together tho and some very lively discussions!

The mad-dog fibro hit me like a ton of bricks a few days ago and it was a tough one to get thru but a barrel of tears and a bucket of pills later, I'm feeling pretty good. I can actually get out of bed without an assist and that is glorious! Sometimes I feel like a recovering alcoholic...just plain victorious to make it thru the day!

I've been working on a springtime kit but have thrown lots of it out...I have this vision but just can't translate it into PSP but I keep plugging away at it. I'm hoping to finish it before the weekend is over and you'll be the first to know.
And just yesterday, I found out I'm a Twix Bar and I can't tell you how perfectly that suits You gotta try this's a ton of fun!

You scored as Twix. You are a Twix Bar. You are adventurous and like to try new things. You have a wide variety of friends and interests. You are a very confident and passionate person - sweet but also with a wild side!



KitKat/Crunch Bar


Skittles/Gummi Bears


3 Musketeers


Jolly Ranchers


Hershey Bar




Reese's Peanut Butter Cup


*What Type of Candy Are You?* (w/pics.)
created with

In my heart of hearts, I was sure I'd be an M&M...I've been collecting their stuff for years and the house is overflowing but there is always room for more:)

And finally...I want to thank each and everyone that commented on my last guys just warm my heart with your kind, generous spirits by showing your appreciation and I am so thankful. A huge "Thank You" from me to you!
Hope to see you this weekend and hope you're all doing well!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Big Brain Fart on the elements:(

Oops...I goofed! I used a feature of WinZip 10 (enhanced deflate) that won't work if you have a lower version so I have rezipped the AshleyB Elements files (at normal compression) and am currently re-uploading them to 4shared.
I'm so sorry for the inconvenience this has caused so many of you and apologize for the confusion.
I'll try to not let it happen again.
I'll make another post when they have all been re-upped but with my luck at 4shared, it may take a few hours.

Again, my apologies to you all.

AshleyB Elements

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please disregard all of the individual links in the posts below regarding the AshleyB Kit. I've switched from 4Shared to MediaFire and all AshleyB downloads are now available here.

As promised, here are the elements for the AshleyB kit.
Previews first:)

Ashley just loves this kit and I'm so tickled about was all about her anyway:)
Now her twin Mitchell needs a kit and he's all about hunting and fishing and hunting and fishing. I think that will be an adventure of it's own for

You can find the elements in the link below and I hope you enjoy this kit.
Have a great weekend everyone. I awoke to about 30" of snow and of course, it's all in front of the garage doors so I'm gonna' finish my coffee and get shoveling...the first session of many I fear for today!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

AshleyB is finally complete:)

OMG...I thought I'd never finish this one! I did a LOT of experimenting and playing and am very happy with the results. And I just adore these colors...I guess I'm stuck on green and blue lately!

The papers are at 4Shared now...forget Fotki:(
I tried to put lots more texture into these papers and I hope you like the results. There are 9 papers, each having 3 color variations.
I'm doing the papers today but you'll have to come back tomorrow for the matching elements...they aren't all uploaded yet.

Here's the papers preview:

You can snag all parts here.
See ya' tomorrow with the elements...or maybe later tonite. Depends on how much shoveling I have to's whiteout conditions and we're expecting 12 to 15" for the 2nd time this week. Snow is so pretty but it still