Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day

Hope you all either had or are having a wonderful Mothers Day:) And as Lizzerd pointed out, I want to raise a glass to all of us that have lost our Mothers. I lost mine when I was 18 months old but have good memories from all the stories told by dear family members:) Damn, I wish I had a mimosa right now but cappuccino will have to do! Here's to you Mom!

Now on to this stinking Alpha! I have a preview for you but they aren't finished yet. OMG, what tedious work. I can't script any of it...believe me I So each beautiful, hand crafted letter, number, and punctuation of these alphas are made by me, toiling over my Beast, eyes rolling back into my head from sheer boredom, fingernails worn down to a nub and letters disappearing from my keyboard:(. I have a faint memory of a dream last night where a gang of ampersands and capital d's were chasing me...I was about to reach safety and tripped over a lower case x. I woke up screaming...roflmaopimp!

Here's the preview and it is ONLY in these 4 colors. I suppose if someone begged me for one of the other available colors, I could oblige but it probably wouldn't get finished and delivered until sometime early 2009. I know you'll be able to use these with all kinds of other kits because I kept it simple. Frankly, I don't give a rats ass...I just want them

I promise I'll be back later today with at least 1 set completed:) I sure hope someone likes them 'cause they are a serious pia but I love matching alphas and I love this one!
Big hugs to all!


scrapsara said...

These are awesome alphas!! I appreciate most greatly your toil on them!!

BelindasScrapz said...

I lost my mom when i was 4 she died young. Its nice you have memories shared with you. I had pictures and a few videos but for her family the pain was to much but I believe she is in peace and that she smiles down on me often..and probably would share that glass :) thanks for sharing

patty said...

oh these are beauties~luv them & thank you so much!