Monday, May 7, 2007

More MOD stuff

Got paperpack 4 and some bent ribbons and satin ribbons for you today. These are my first bent ribbons and once they were finished I thought that maybe I shouldn't have put the brad on them. Then I said to myself..."tough shit, I ain't redoing them"! So that's my story on the bent ribbons but I know that you all have a delete button...roflol. And the satin ribbons have the little loopy thingies on them and that was fun to do.
And these are the papers where I wondered what in the hell did I do that for? But I'm stickin' with 'em 'cause I think they are pretty and are a nice darker accent to the more pastel colors.
So without further ado, here are the previews:)

The papers can be found here and the ribbons here.
Have a great Monday (it's cold and cloudy here) and I'll see you tomorrow with at least another paperpack. Big hugs to all and thanks so very much for all the kind comments you are leaving. You folks are the best:).


Me said...

Scooped up everything! Thanks so much Miss Mollie! Wordpress is being a SOB and wont let me into my blog...keeps kicking me out...never should have left Bloggerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

These MOD collections are just so beautiful. Many many thanks for sharing. I can't wait to use these. Just my type and colour of papers. Lovely lovely lovely.

jymcpa said...

notes from a lurker:
I like the brad on the folded ribbon - you have inspired me! thank you!

melyn said...

Lovely Mollie!
The texture on these papers are amazing!


Shell said...

Thanks! Love the ribbons with the lil snappy thing on it. Makes them different from others.

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY for another great BG pack & the awesome ribbons!!
I luv the brads on them!!!

BelindasScrapz said...

Thank you for this great collection