Friday, May 18, 2007

MOD Showcase

Holy cow...wait til you see all the wonderful creativity of my blog readers. Some have never scrapped before and some are seasoned veterans and they are all wonderful:)
A very special thanks from me to all these gals for rising to my little challenge! And here they are, in alpha order. Click on each picture to get a better view.

From Angie
From Babette
From Denise
From DeniseC
Erica sent in 3:)

From HeatherL...she made us the most beautiful QP's and is sharing them.
QP1 is 12x12 and is no longer available.
This is in 2 pieces with the left border as a stand-alone.
QP2 is 12x12 and is no longer available.
This is in 3 pieces with the word art as a stand-alone and the page without word art.
Jeannie has 2 for us to see
A cute card, isn't it!
From Kelly
From KellyJ

From Lizzerd
From Lori
From Lynette
From Melissa
From PaulaB
From SusieG
From TamsenAren't they all just fabulous!! I'm tickled pink to see these and each of these gals have received the 2 extra alphas plus the lower case alpha. Unfortunately there were only 16 entrants so I won't be posting the links for all. Maybe next time:)
Please leave some love here on the blog for the work these gals did and I'm sure they brought some inspiration to the table for your own LO's.
The MODness is finally done, I have another really romantic kit in the works and the papers are almost finished. I'm afraid that it's turning out to be another huge kit...I just don't know when to
I'm going to be blogless for at least 1 week, maybe 2 to get some long overdue maintenance done on my Beast and a complete reformat. Lots of backing up to do and burning to DVD plus downloading all the latest updates from MS so I can slipstream a new OS disc. I also have a few tuts lined up to figure out ACDSee Photo Manager and get my poop in a group to organize all the scrap kits I have plus I have promised myself that the embellishments to my new kit are going to be made in PS Elements matter what! I'm excited but nervous about that...learning new things used to be a breeze! I'd love to have back some of the billions of brain cells I killed off in my wicked 20's...roflol. To add to the list, I really want and need to re-organize my blog by putting each freebie kit together on 1 page so ya' don't have to click all over the place to get the whole thing. Guess I'd better make a list, heh?
So I hope you enjoy the showcase today and that everyone has a great weekend! The weather is supposed to be very nice here with lots of sunshine...I'm diggin' that!
Big hugs to all and a big thanks to all those that leave such nice comments here and on 4shared. It's so nice to know that you like and appreciate my work.


Anonymous said...

Wow. There really are some great pages here. I'm sorry you didn't hit 20 but you definitely got quality over quantity in this case.

I look forward to your next kit.

And do try ACDSee. I've been using it for a while now and have no clue how I ever lived without it!


Scrapcat4914 said...

Wow Ladies you all have done fantastic LO's using Mollies AWESOME kit!!!!!!!!!
TY so very much for allowing her to share them with us!!!
Heater TY again for sharing your awesome QP's you made with her kit!!

Will miss you while your gone but still will stop by everyday to check on ya!!
BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meggsy said...

Wow wow wow, I have just found your blog and downloaded all 20 zips of this totally fab kit. There goes my d/l limit for the thank you a million times over for creating and sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone did such a great job with your lovely goodies. I know it must make you feel good to see your work and efforts put to good use. I know it would me.

Thank you for the showing. I'll be sending friends your way whenever I can.

Take care,
Kelly Jansema said...

GORGEOUS, AWSOME, PRETTY, SWEET, ect. I can go on & on about the LO you ladies did with this AWSOME gift she has given us. The work & talent put into this kit is amazing. I have yet to learn how to make lo so I wont get the extras but this has really put the fire under me so keep your fingers crossed that I dont get sick again. If anyone knows of some beginner tuts for Photoshop CS2 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send the links my way.
HeatherL THANK YOU for sharing your gift with us you did a WONDERFUL job on these QP's

Again thank you Mollie for this Mega kit.
And thank you Heather for these QP's.

mum005 said...

Wow! Its amazing how many 'looks' you can get from one kit! Thanks to ALL for all the work you have done!

Jmedawn said...

THANKYOU!!! I tried to e-mail a page to you - but it came back???? Maybe I'm not doing it right? Is there another way I should be sending or showing my page?

Lizzerd said...

oh wow, didn't we all do a marvelous job?!?!?! but hey, when you've got a wonderful kit to play with, you're bound to come up with something great!!! keep 'em coming, ladies!

Heather said...

This was great fun to play with this awesome kit. Thank you Mollie for sharing your wonderful talent and offering your kits so generously. I know you have things to get done over the next couple of weeks but just know I will be anxiously awaiting your return and the goodies I know you will have.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the great kit, it was so fun to play with!!

Jody said...

I just found out about your blog tonight. WOW! I love seeing all the different layouts done by people. Helps to get my brain cells working :)

The 2 quickpages by Heather are absolutely beautiful and I definitely will be making several layouts of my family with them. Thank you Heather for generously sharing your talent.

Mollie said...

JMEDAWN...try just emailing me at I checked my gmail account and don't see anything that tried to come thru but failed.
Thanks hon...I sure would love to see what you created:)
Big hugs!

Marta said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I hope all goes well with your to-do list. See ya when ya come back to the blog.

grambie said...

Thanks for this so beautiful & colorful layout. Love the border separation. Ingenuous of you to even think about it. Love the placement for multiple photos. HUGS! XOXOXOXO