Thursday, May 31, 2007

Been busy, busy busy!

Just a quick update for ya'...had a great 3 day weekend and I got a cleaning bug up my you-know-what and I tore both bedrooms apart, cleaned like a demon and then put them back together. My body wants to slit my throat from such activity and I'm back to using my walker like an old lady! I tried to pace myself and thought I was doing good but the fibro has reared it's ugly head and is kicking my ass, but good! The cats don't particularly like me much either as they hate change worse than my old I think they finally got comfortable with the changes last night and weren't pacing so much!

The weather has been beautiful the past few days and I've been spending a lot of time outdoors just putzing and enjoying the sunshine...even got to keep the windows open at night without it getting too cold...that's a milestone for sure around these parts:)

I'm still working on my latest kit although it's been difficult learning PSE as the pain is so distracting, it's hard to keep my thoughts flowing but I'm determined to master this sucker so I'll just keep plugging away at it.

My sis will be leaving AZ today or tomorrow and finally coming home after being gone for 7 months...I can hardly wait for her to get here! We've missed each other terribly although we keep in contact via phone and web, it's just not the same as having her here!

Hope you've all been staying well and enjoying your lives. I'll try to get a preview of the papers for my new kit up soon and in the meanwhile, hope you have a wonder weekend:)
Big hugs to all!


Dee said...

You take good care Mollie...I have been missing you. Take your meds and relax a bit...looking forward to your being back...Big Oklahoma hugs to ya...Dee 8^)

Scrapmuch said...

take care of yourself, first and formost. But next time you get the cleaning bug, could you head my way?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweety.. thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog...I wish a lot more people would do that and let me know that they appreciate what I do for them...anyway.. I read your post and had to sounded just like me cleaning up and everybody complaing about things being different in the house afterwards... that was funny... well get some rest and hope to hear from you again
Hugs Silvia

scrapsara said...

i have fibro and i do the same thing - get in a cleaning mood and then hurt so bad i can't do ANYTHING for a few days after that!! we will never learn, will we? :)