Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring has arrived!

Long time, no see everyone. Man, the Tuesday before last was the beginning of March...where did it go???
It's so nice to look outside and finally see some beautiful green and the sun shining! We had the thunderstorm from hell last night that started about 1:30 a.m. with a power outage shortly thereafter. I was uploading pics for todays' share and zip! darkness. We had lightning that danced like a disco ball and thunder that shook the house and echoed off into the distance for 15 seconds. I loved every minute of it, especially the sound of the rain pelting the roof and windows...what a great way to fall asleep:).

With temps not falling below the high 30's, I'm feeling and smelling spring in the air! The grandtwins spent Friday nite and part of Saturday here and they got all of the 4 wheelers and the scooter thingy out of the big garage, tuned them all up and got everything running smoothly (with Papa's help). One stall of my garage is stem to stern with all things gasoline powered and it really made me smile to see it. So many wonderful times the grands have had on those machines over the years. I really need to learn how to scrap those pics!

So on to my current freebie called Springtime '07. I love this kit...I feel I'm making great progress in creating my papers and I especially adore these. This kit will be shared daily and will bring us up to April 1st. But I won't be pulling any April Fools stunts with you, although it's mighty tempting...rofl. The previews and links are in no particular may see a preview of filetabs but the download may be papers. I'm simply going to mix it up but the previews give great detail of the kit contents.

And I will start with a preview of the cool papers:

Paper 1 can be found here.
Special Announcement
Anyone that sends me a link to something they made with my Springtime07 Kit
will receive my next kit absolutely FREE! Yes, you read that
favorite 4-letter word! So get crack-a-lackin' and show me your stuff people!
See ya' tomorrow:)


Scrapcat4914 said...

Thank you so very much for these great BG's!!!!

Gail said...

Thank you for your generosity. This looks like it'll be a great kit. I love the colors.

Melissa said...

Thank you so much, I love the papers!

Sharon-shutterbug said...

The papers look beautiful - thanks. And I LOVE the U.P.! We've camped there a few times and can't wait to go back.

Heather said...

What pretty papers, thank you!

alexandra said...

thanks, i love this paper, there looks beautiful

Carla said...

Thank you , beautiful papers .

Karie Charsha' said...

Thanks so much, great job! I love the colors!

Shell said...

Love the papers, the texture is awesome. TFS

Kelly B. said...

This kit is absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. Wish I knew how to make elements, then I could do my kits too. LOL Thanks again for sharing your time and talents with the rest of us.

Lakeland, FL