Friday, March 30, 2007

Holy Crap (2)

I shoulda' checked my mail before I posted todays share! That Kristine...she just cracks me up. I so enjoy reading her blog and I laugh til I pee If you aren't familiar with her scrapping blog, get over there now! I've been snagging all her stuff and she's got a great one going on right now called Crimson Lights which is just fab! And some drink recipes that make me drool!
She made a comment on my Day 4 share and used the "S" word! Yes...S N O W! You don't say it outloud around these parts of the USA at this time of year and she lives in Canada for pete's sake. She should know better:) If we get s n o w in April, I'm blaming her, and her alone...roflmao!
So, get on over there folks and start snagging her great stuff. Her link is on the left. Please leave her some love and tell her Mollie sent ya'.

I also received a sweet email from Josie that stated she always tried to leave some love whenever she snagged a freebie. She couldn't leave a comment on my blog because she had neither a Google nor Blogger account. I have it set that only registered users could comment. The reason for that was that I heard that you can get some really freaky and creepy comments and lots of spam if you let anyone comment. That worried me but today I changed my settings so that anyone can comment on this blog and we'll see how it goes. I'm going to keep a close watch on it for the next week or so to see if any undesirables start showing up. If I start to get 'the ickies', I'll have to revert back to only registered users being able to comment.
Thank you Josie for having me rethink this issue and for the appreciation you showed by taking the time to contact me personally.
Now I need another tub of coffee and it's gotten considerable darker outside since I've been writing this so I guess I'll have to start checking the skies for freakin' snow clouds...damn my bad luck:)
Big hugs to all!


Ruby said...

Hiya, Stopped by today cuz of Kris. Just wanted to ease your worries a little. I have allowed anyone to comment on my blog from day one and I haven't had any problems. And with the new settings I think you can delete individual comments if they are...shall we say inappropriate.

teeny said...

thank you for changing your settings. i've snagged your wonderful freebies and have always felt sooooo guilty for not being able to thank you for them. so here is one huge generic THANK YOU for all the wonderful treats you've spoiled us with.

GranRobbi said...

Kris sent me too- What a lovely spring kit - dont know how I missed it. Hope no more s n o w
shuuuu! for you!
Thanks for the goodies!

Mollie said...

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments's you that are making me feel spoiled!
Ruby...I'm so glad to hear you haven't had any 'uglies' posted. I appreciate that info:)

Scrapcat4914 said...

Between the Mollie & you I always manage to have my day brightened up!!!!

Addicted2Scrappin said...

Mollie, Thanks for the lovely spring kit. It's awesome. HUGS! BTW, Kris sent me.

ccjanet said...

Thank you for the set of spring freebies you have been offering. I came her from Kristine's blog and found your kit. So pretty. thanks.

Josie said...

Hi! Thanks so much for changing the settings. I hope you are able to keep it this way!