Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm still around:)

Seems like forever since I posted but it really hasn't been now that I check. I'm still working on my AshleyB kit...lots of it you can see in my new header. I'm so happy I finally got my blog It was nice to take a break from scrappin' and get that done!
The weather has been so nice here and the days becoming longer that I've been hit by a cleaning bug and it's all I can do to NOT open some windows! It's been in the mid-to-high 30's, reaching into the mid 40's and 50's in the sun during the day and it's such a treat to feel that sun:) It's nice to be able to go outside without 15 minutes of bundling up like a snowman
Well, I'm having another menopausal 2nd of the I'd best be running out the door. Thank goodness there's a little snow left...I can always roll in that...roflol
Hope you're all having a great week:)