Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mindless and freebie alpha

How's your weekend going folks? I hope you're having nice weather as it's kinda cool here and of course it's gonna' rain on Monday. But I shouldn't complain as this is nicer than most other Memorial Day usually freezes! I am so beyond ready for some HOT weather!

I've been having a really rough patch this month...killer fibro flare. Had my yearly exam at the Dr. and I told her point blank that I was 'drug seeking"
I told my tale of woe and she had me try a new (to me) medicine called Neurontin. She said it originally was for seizure patients but they are now having good success with it as a fibro pain medication. Hey...if I can take a pill to make me feel better...give it to me baby! The sooner the better is my attitude! As she was finishing explaining how the drug worked, I got pretty excited! Filled that prescription on the way home and took the first one that evening as I was getting ready for bed. Man, I slept like a dead woman! Best sleep I'd had in weeks and I was a happy camper. Took the 2nd pill with my morning coffee and breakfast and got pretty tired by the time it rolled around to take the next one. Took that one around 2 p.m. and had to keep closing my mouth as it was hanging open, slack jawed. I crashed around 6. I knew this med would make me sleepy but because I hadn't slept good in about 4 weeks, I wasn't concerned. Got up at 9, watched some TV, played on the puter a bit and hit the rack for the night around 1 a.m. after taking my 3rd neurontin for the day.

Day 2 was pretty much the same and by days end, I wasn't much worse for the wear.
Day 3 was more of the same but I didn't have those consistent stabbing pains in the forefront of my mind...the ones that nag me to distraction all day. Still fighting the sleepiness during the day but I was determined to keep taking my 3 doses daily.
If I could lessen the pain that much in only 3 days, I was excited as to how things would progress as I kept taking it.
Day 4 (Thursday) found me a little bit pissy but I'm a woman in menopause, I wasn't too concerned. Mid-afternoon I realized that I was sitting at the computer and a certain amount of time had passed. I was slack-jawed again and staring at the computer screen. Hmmmm...I looked down to see if I had been drooling...roflmao! I really did look to see and just the act of doing that made me laugh at myself! Hmmmm...
Day 5...same shit only worse. After my a.m. dose, I struggled to go out into the garage and tell my dh that I had a head f*%k the size of Texas. I remember thinking that I really needed to tell him this and really concentrating to get out there and that it was important. I told him to check up on me as this was really bad. Don't remember going back into the house but at one point in the afternoon I was sitting at my desk and realized the phone was ringing. All I could do was look at it and listen to it ring. But something was very was ringing but nothing was happening. On the 5th ring, I realized it was my cell phone and not the house phone. It was all very dreamlike and it wasn't bothering me and it was bothering me that it wasn't bothering me...are you following this???? Sheesh!
Then I remember dinner time and we were having cherry pancakes. I had eaten around 4 'cause I was so very hungry. Bruce came in around 5:30 to eat and I started making his pancakes and when I flipped the first one over it didn't flip all the way and I was so suddenly filled with rage and disappointment I could have wept. He knew I was pissed and said something to the effect of...that's'll still be fine...and I wanted to kill him on the spot with my pancake turner. If the damned thing hadn't have been plastic, I probably could have gotten off a few good whacks before the handle broke:) the pancakes cooked, filled with cherries and rolled up beautifully! And get this...I remember saying to him that I was getting concerned about this medication and that he needed to make sure and tell me if I was getting pissy! Ain't that a freakin' hoot! The poor man would probably be dead before he got the words
Day 6...more slack-jawed, more lost unaccounted for time and lots of finding myself staring into space...can you spell z o m b i e? I remember getting really pissed off suddenly again but can't remember why and it finally dawned on me that I should stop taking that medicine. And I did! It took me 3 days to get that crap out of my system and feel back to myself. What a lost week that was:(
Man, that was one insidious drug for me. I'm bummed in one way 'cause it affected me so badly but I sure hope it helps someone with fibro. I'm actually glad to be feeling some of the pain...makes me feel alive!

Here is your well-deserved freebie if you've made it this far. It's an alpha from a new kit I'm almost finished with and I've called it "Kit 508". How's that for originality? I've stopped naming's the absolute worse part.

As usual, drop shadows are for preview purposes only and you can find it here.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back soon with more:)

Big hugs all around...Mollie


Anonymous said...

First, I am so sorry to hear the medicine was a bust for you. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Second, thank you for the awesome alpha. I can't believe you put it together with everything else going on.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

verabear said...

That was some week. Couldn't it have gone better in lesser doses? I mean, if you didn't have to take it 3x a day?

Anonymous said...

Mollie, was the drug also called Lyrica? I was put on it about a month or so ago and there are some major side effects that actually get better with time.
Email me if you want to discuss..

Lisa said...

Mollie, What a week you had! Sorry the medication had such an adverse effect on you. Can't believe with all you were dealing with, you still took the time to share this alpha!!! Thanks so much.