Monday, September 10, 2007

Ooohhh, I'm a bad blogger

But I hope you'll forgive me 'cause I've been so danged busy with summer, finding out I have diabetes (which really pissed me off, btw), scrapping, and life in general.
And I can only stay for a minute so I'll get right to it! Ya' gotta' keep an eye on the blog throughout the rest of September 'cause I'm giving away an awesome kit called Funky Fall...and it's over 135 megs! Geez, I had fun doing this one and I think you'll love it!

Every Tuesday and Friday you need to check the MIS Scrappy Scoop Blog to get the skinny on the latest portion of the's in 6 parts and takes us to the end of September. I'm really excited about this one as I haven't had a freebie go out in so long so please don't miss it. You don't have to be registered or anything to collect this massive kit so I hope to see you all downloading like mad tomorrow.

Here's an early preview but don't tell anyone you saw it here first!

Isn't it just yummy Gotta' run for now...I foolishly skipped lunch and I'm rushing to make an early dinner to compensate before I pass out...damn my bad luck!
Hope you're all doing well and I'll have another post for ya' tomorrow...shocked, aren't ya'...roflol. Big hugs to all!


Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

So good to hear from you!!!
Take care of yourself!!! PLEASE!!!!
LOVE THE KIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

makeyesup said...

Thanks Molli, got the link this morning and it is very pretty. Take care of yourself and listen to your doctors. Managing the diabetes can be touch, but very necessary.

Stephany said...

Thank you so much for this awesome fall freebie. Love it.

Trisha said...

Beautiful kit Mollie! The colors are fabulous!