Wednesday, April 4, 2007

SNOW and preview

It's snowing...big, bad, swirly, can't see the neighbors, piling up on the ground kinda' snow:( Wind gusts upwards of 50 mph:( It's April 4th and it's not supposed to snow here. The poor Easter Bunny will never make it! And I'm getting cranky just thinking about the chocolate shortage here if da' bunny don't show...roflol But there is good Kristines, there is a gently spring rain falling. Some people get ALL the luck:)

Between doing my spring housecleaning (which I can stop now 'cause it's snowing:)) and designing the new man kit, I managed to do my very first chat today. It was at 3Scrapateers and very nerve wracking to say the least. Man, there were over 60 people and most of them could type faster than I could But it sure was fun and I got a whole bunch of free spring goodies. Thank goodness there were lots of newbies like myself and I didn't feel too stooopid:). I can't even imagine a night chat where they said were way more people...I wouldn't be able to keep up but will be looking for more daytime chats there. I even touched base with a few of my fans and that was very exciting to meet them:) That's a great bunch of gals and designers over there! I'm collecting their current daily download kit for April, Spring Is Coming by Kimberly Stewart and it's gorgeous so make sure you check it out if it's new to you:)

And dear sweet Phoebe sent me a link to a scrap she made using my Springtime07 kit and I'm so thrilled to see it in use...she's just learning but I think she did a wonderful job. And her little girl is simply adorable. Go check it out here. Thank you so much Phoebe...I think you did great:)

So here's a preview of the kit I'm working on and although I am leaning towards just calling it the man kit, I'm sure open for suggestions. I only have the papers and 1 alpha done...there are 2 papers that aren't shown...I ran out of time. I went out to the big garage to get some man stuff and found all kinds of stuff that I don't know what it is but they look rusty, grungy, greasy and manly so I scanned 'em in and look forward to seeing what I can do with them...should be fun!

Have a great week everyone and thanks for all the wonderful comments you leave me here and at 4Shared...I read them all and you can call me 'tickled pink':)


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say a quick thanks for the Springtime kit...absolutely love the colors and your designing skills...I also was in the chat this morning at was only the second time I have entered a chat room and still feeling way over my head with the process but it seemed like so much fun for those that had the hang of it! I was comforted to read your comments and questions of how it worked because I couldn't type fast enough to keep up but I had the same thanks!!!!! I was surprised to read that this was your first chat, as your designing skills are so awesome I thought you were a long time 'pro' at it all...cj

Mollie said...

ROFLMAO...Oh my gosh...the only thing I'm a pro at is eatin' and laughin'! I'm so glad you like my stuff...I feel I have a long way to go but I'm having so much fun learning all this:) Hopefully, I'll see you at another daytime chat. I need to find one to teach me "how" to scrap...I suck at that part!

Debbie said...

Yo Mollie.....
NOBODY and I mean NOBODY can type faster than you....
You know how I love to listen to you type LOL !!!!
I'm disturbed,very disturbed to hear that it is snowing....Did I not read something about somebody(kristen?)using that bad word....
DUH !!!
Look what happened!
Love from Your sister Debbie from
(I just gotta say it)that ritzy place in Arizona.
Where it it so hot right now I have to stay in the motorhome with the air on full blast.
I won't hijack your conversations about this scrapping again.
I just could't resist

Phoebe said...

[blushing mode on]Wow, I certainly didn't expect you to mention me in a post ! I'm glad you like my page though :)
[blushing mode off]
I definitely hope to see you again in the 3S chatroom soon.
I'm really looking forward to seeing and scrapping) your new kit !

Mollie said... said Yo??? Who have you been hanging out with in that ritzy hood! Thank you Sis for the weather update there in sunny're such a shitbum! I hope we have 5 feet of snow in June for your homecoming...hrmmph! OMG...I think I've just cursed us all...rofl

Dee said...

Mollie..I love this is super! Can hardly wait to see the rest...keep us posted! Hugs to ya..Dee 8^)

Julie (stoneaccents) said...

I can't wait to see the kit, everything about it fits, the colors, textures, shape of the letters, everything!

Lisa said...

Mollie, The new kit looks great! I can't believe you are having that much snow! It's been pushing 90 here in FL for the past couple of weeks! Supposed to be down to 73 this weekend...that will feel nice!

matsugirl said...

Thank you for the fabulous Springtime kit. I love the buttons the best. They are so pretty! :) The whole kit is really wonderful.

Looking forward to your next one. The preview looks like it's gonna be another great kit.

I was at 3Scraps chat last night too! It was my first chat in prob ably over a year. It was a fast moving chat, wasn't it? Loved the freebies! :)

Thank you for sharing your designs.

Shell said...

Just wanted to say it was nice being in a chat with you yesterday. Always nice to chitchat with the people who design stuff or whose blogs I read regularly. Man kit is a nice name or Man's World, Manly Man. TFS

teeny said...

i looooove the look of the man kit! have you considered names something along the lines of "testosterone treasures" or "testosterone treat"? LOL funny, but appropriate. :)

Anonymous said...

Love how this new "man" kit is looking. How about the name: "Mysterious Masculinity" (since our husbands can truely be a mystery sometimes, LOL)? You like??? just a suggestion. Anyway, thanks so much for your Spring is all the pieces now...just wonderful. Happy Easter.-Sheryl